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Save time and read smart with TLDR – your free AI-powered web summarization tool. Try it today!

Drowning in online content? Articles, blogs, and research papers often contain valuable information, but wading through irrelevant details can be time-consuming. TLDR is a free Chrome extension that cuts to the chase, automatically summarizing web pages for you.

This free extension uses advanced AI to analyze the structure and content of web pages, extracting crucial information while filtering out unnecessary details, fluff, and repetitive content. This results in a concise summary that captures the essence of the original content.

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For students, TLDR can help them quickly understand key themes and arguments from dense academic texts. Professionals can use the extension to stay updated with industry news without getting bogged down by the minutiae. Journalists can swiftly extract essential facts from lengthy reports, and casual readers can enjoy the heart of lifestyle articles without wading through endless anecdotes.

How to use it:

1. Add the TLDR extension to your Chrome browser from the Google Web Store.

2. Activate the TLDR extension, and you’ll see the TLDR icon in the lower right corner of the page when browsing the web.

TLDR AI Summarize Tool Icon

3. Click the TLDR icon, and the extension will work its magic. You will see a concise summary that allows you to quickly grasp the crucial points without the usual fluff.

TLDR AI Summarize Tool Result

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