Create & Chat With AI Characters On Figgs: 100% Free

Experience the freedom of uncensored chats with AI characters on Figgs.AI. Create, chat, and connect without limits. Begin your journey now.

Figgs is a 100% free virtual world where you can create your own AI companions, called Figgs, and chat with countless characters made by others.

It provides an uncensored environment where conversations are only limited by your imagination, from casual chats to discussing complex subjects. Users can choose from a wide variety of virtual characters, each with their own unique personalities and interests.

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How to use it:

1. Visit the Figgs platform and start exploring the available characters. You can browse by category or let Figgs’ recommendations guide you to the perfect match.

Figgs AI Characters Search

2. If you’re in a public setting or around children, it’s best to keep the “Hide Unsafe Figgs” option turned on. This ensures you only encounter Figgs with appropriate content.

Figgs AI Characters Unsafe Toggle

3. Choose a character and start a conversation about anything that piques your interest. You can also upload images for a more interactive experience.

Figgs AI Characters Chat

4. While chatting is possible without an account, creating a free account offers some cool perks. You can save your conversation history and even design your own custom character.

5. You can also design your own virtual character (such as an AI girlfriend or boyfriend) using Figgs’ easy-to-use character creation tools. Simply enter some basic information like an avatar image, name, description, conversational scenarios, and examples, and Figgs will bring your custom character to life.

Figgs AI Characters Custom Character


Q: Is Figgs completely free to use?
A: Yes, Figgs is a 100% free virtual character platform. You can chat with characters created by others without any subscription fees or hidden costs.

Q: Can I talk about anything with the Figgs characters?
A: Figgs characters are uncensored, so you can discuss a wide range of topics, including NSFW content. However, we recommend using caution and being mindful of your surroundings when engaging in such conversations.

Q: Do I need to create an account to use Figgs?
A: No, you can start chatting without registration. However, creating an account is recommended to save your chats and create custom Figgs.

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