20 Best AI Girlfriend Sites/Apps of 2024: Discover Virtual Companionship

Explore 2024's top 20 AI girlfriend sites/apps for unique virtual companionship. Find your perfect AI companion today!

Looking to find your perfect AI girlfriend? With so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to know where to start.

That’s why I’ve put together this list of the 20 best AI girlfriend platforms (websites, tools, and mobile apps) for 2024.

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These AI girlfriend platforms have been meticulously chosen based on their monthly visits from SimilarWeb.com, ensuring a reliable and current selection.

If you’re ready to take the plunge into next-level synthetic love, read on!

#Tool NameDescriptionVisits (Apr)Visits (Mar)NSFWPricing*
1CharacterMeet AIs that feel alive. Chat with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Experience the power of super-intelligent chat bots that hear you, understand you, and remember you.267.7M97M$5.99/mo
2JanitorA fantastic platform that allows users to create NSFW fictional chatbot characters with different personalities.45.6M32.0M🔞$9.99/mo
3SpicychatA web-based platform specializing in creating Not Safe for Work (NSFW) chatbots.20.2M16.9M🔞$5.00/mo
4CrushonA No Filter NSFW Character AI chatbot platform. It allows users to engage with over-thounds AI characters, each having distinct narratives and personality traits.16.8M20.1M🔞$4.90/mo
5CandyCandy.ai powers immersive experiences that feel real, allowing users to generate images and create AI characters.13.2M12.1M🔞$9.00/mo
6DreamgfAn AI dating tool designed to enhance the online dating experience by overcoming common issues in traditional dating apps.4.8M5.1M🔞$7.95/mo
7PephopAn AI-driven chatbot designed to create and engage with virtual characters.4.1M2.7M🔞$4.99/mo
8GPTGirlfriendAn open-source AI girl project that allows you to create your own customized AI companion using advanced GPT-4 technology from OpenAI.3.1M2.6M🔞$15.00/mo
9PromptchanAn advanced Girl Image Generator harnesses the power of sophisticated machine learning algorithms, transforming your text descriptions into spicy visuals. 2.8M3.5M🔞$5.99/mo
10FantasyGFExplore and craft your AI girlfriend. Engage with virtual partners powered by artificial intelligence and receive tailored content from your digital companion that surpasses your greatest fantasies.2.2M1.5M🔞$12.99/mo
11CharstarCreate, discover, and chat with unfiltered virtual characters.2.1M2.3M🔞$14.99/mo
12SoulFunEngage in delightful conversations with interesting AI characters.1.9M1.5M🔞$9.99/mo
13NSFWLoverAI chat with virtual AI girlfriends and boyfriends.1.5M41K🔞$29.99/mo
14MuahA versatile AI platform designed to provide users with an engaging virtual companion experience.1.4M1.5M🔞$10.00/mo
15JoylandAn immersive sandbox for designing unique AI characters, befriending anime companions, venturing into virtual dating, and crafting your own text-based adventure universe.1.2M1.2M🔞$9.99/mo
16DiscoverYour dream companion awaits! Create your Virtual Girlfriend, shape her look, personality, relationship, and bring her to life in one click.728K230K🔞$9.99/mo
17ReplikaAn AI chatbot that offers a unique and empathic virtual companion experience. 673K703K🔞$5.83/mo
18SoulGenCreate an image from nothing but text prompt in mere seconds. SoulGen AI art tool makes your dream character come to reality.515K479K$9.99/mo
19NastiaChat freely and roleplay with your AI powered companion. Nastia is a 100% unfiltered, NSFW AI designed to be the best human-like companion.487K406K🔞$6.69/mo
20GetIdolUour ultimate fantasy destination with uncensored AI characters and immersive experiences.450K177K🔞$6.99/mo
* The prices listed for each platform are starting prices based on basic subscription tiers. Pricing scales up depending on subscription level and features added. Because prices are subject to change by the platforms at any time, please check the official website for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information.

Last Thoughts:

Thank you for reading through my list of the top 20 AI girlfriend platforms for 2024! I hope you found a few promising options to explore further.

I’ll be sure to update this list every month, taking into account the latest user traffic and new sites as they emerge, so be sure to check back often. You never know when a new contender might shake up these rankings!

And don’t forget to explore the other AI tool rankings and free AI tools available on our site.

Thanks again for reading! Feel free to reach out if you have any suggestions for future topics related to AI girlfriends.



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