Free AI-powered Cookie Policy Generator – Biscuits

Achieve legal cookie compliance in seconds - just enter your URL and let Biscuits AI detect cookies and generate policies tailored for your site's needs.

Biscuits is a free online tool that leverages artificial intelligence to automatically generate a customized cookie policy for any website.

You just enter your website’s URL, and Biscuits’ AI will scan the site to detect all third-party cookies being used.

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It then asks a few quick questions about your website’s cookie usage before generating a complete, downloadable cookie policy tailored specifically to your needs.

Users, especially those without legal expertise, can effortlessly maintain their website’s compliance with current data protection standards.

How to use it:

1. Go to the Biscuits AI website.

2. Input the URL of your website to allow Biscuits AI to scan for third-party cookies.

Biscuits AI Cookies Policy Generator Enter URL

3. Allow the tool a moment to analyze your site and detect any third-party cookies used.

4. Answer the AI-generated questions regarding your website’s cookie usage, such as:

  • What is the purpose of your website?
  • Do you use Google Analytics or other third party services?
  • Do users create accounts on your site?
  • Do you store user preferences?
  • Do you use targeted advertising?
Biscuits AI Cookies Policy Generator Questions

5. After providing the necessary information, The AI will generate a custom cookie policy.

6. Copy and paste this policy into your website’s privacy or cookie policy page.

Biscuits AI Cookies Policy Generator Result

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