Analyze Your ChatGPT Usage Patterns With ChatGPT Data Package Explorer

Visualize and analyze your ChatGPT interactions with ease. Try the ChatGPT Data Package Explorer for detailed insights!

ChatGPT Data Package Explorer is an open-source JavaScript for node.js that allows users to analyze their ChatGPT conversation history and usage patterns.

This is useful for tracking ChatGPT usage over time and spotting trends. For example, users can see when they started chatting with ChatGPT, their total message count, conversations per day, and weekly message frequency.

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How to use it:

1. Clone the ChatGPT Data Package Explorer code from GitHub:

git clone

2. Install dependencies with yarn.

cd chatgpt-data-package-explorer
yarn install

3. Head to ChatGPT settings and download your personal data package.

ChatGPT Data Package Explorer Export

4. Copy the exported data package into the data folder.

5. Launch the ChatGPT Data Package Explorer.

node index.js

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