Free AI-powered Budget & Timeline Estimator – CostGPT

Ready to start your App & software project? Let CostGPT's AI give you the cost and time insights you need.

CostGPT AI is a free AI created for individual developers and startups to provide quick estimates on software/app costs and timelines. Powered by data from over 2000 past projects, it can analyze your idea and suggest implementation plans to bring it to life.

This AI tool aims to eliminate the guesswork from software estimation. Describe your concept or provide a competitor site; its algorithms will process the details to output actionable insights. These include recommended tech stacks, hourly workload projections spanning features, and fully itemized budgets. Such quantifiable forecasts allow you to hit the ground running instead of getting lost in analysis paralysis.

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How to use it:

1. Visit the CostGPT AI website.

2. Describe your idea or input a reference link, in at least 100 characters! Please be as detailed as possible with your prompt. The more elaborate the prompt is, the better are the estimates. Eg: A mobile app that helps users to take digital tours, act like a virtual guide, allowing to rate and review the tours taken.

Estimate App & Software Costs Input

3. Let CostGPT’s AI analyze your input and craft a tailored estimate for you. You’ll get a comprehensive report including costs, tech stack recommendations, and a feature list as follows:

  • Recommended tech stack: Costgpt is suggesting the best tools and technologies for building your software. It’s like choosing the right ingredients for a recipe – the better the mix, the smoother and more powerful your site will be.
  • Time estimate in hours: This is an estimate of the total hours it’ll take to turn your vision into a fully functioning website. It gives you a sense of how long it’ll take for everything to come together.
  • Features list: This list is everything your site will be able to do, along with the dependencies these features come with. It’s like a sneak peek into the exciting capabilities your website will offer to users.
Estimate App & Software Costs Result

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