Step Into Your Favorite Scenes With Become-Image’s Realistic Face Swap

Use this AI to blend your face into any image. Transform yourself into a movie star, historical figure, or anything you can imagine!

become-image is an open-source AI face swap model that lets you blend your face into any image you want — a famous painting, a movie scene, or even a fictional character.

This AI model goes beyond simple face swaps. It allows for creative control, which means that you can adjust the final image to your liking.

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Want your portrait subtly hinted in a landscape? No problem. Craving a full-on transformation into a superhero? Become-image can handle that too!

GitHub Repo

What I love about become-image is how accessible it is. You can try it out for free on the Replicate website, or run it locally using ComfyUI.

The user interface is super straightforward, so even if you’re not a tech whiz, you can still have a blast playing around with it.

The use cases for become-image are pretty much endless. Sure, it’s a ton of fun for creating memes or putting yourself into your favorite movie scenes. But it’s also a powerful tool for artists, designers, and even marketers.

Imagine being able to create custom stock photos or product mockups with your own face or brand front and center. The possibilities for creative projects are mind-boggling.

How to use it:

1. Visit the become-image playground hosted on Replicate.

2. Upload the original image (a photo of your face) or take a photo with your webcam.

Become-Image AI Upload

3. Upload another image – this is the one you want your face to be blended into.

Become-Image AI Another

4. Adjust the model parameters to your liking. You can play around with things like the prompt strength, the denoising level, and the amount of noise to get the perfect look.

Become-Image AI Settings

5. Click “Run” and watch your face perfectly become part of the chosen image!

Become-Image AI Result

6. If you want to run become-image locally, it’s a bit more involved, but still totally doable:

  • Clone the repository with git clone --recurse-submodules
  • Run the script to install all the custom nodes: ./scripts/
  • Start the Cog container with sudo cog run -p 8188 bash if you’re using a GPU machine.
  • Launch the server inside the Cog container with python --listen
  • On your local machine, access the server using your GPU machine’s IP and the exposed port: http://gpu-machines-ip:8188.
  • You should now see the familiar ComfyUI web interface, ready for you to start blending faces!

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