Compose Beautiful Poetry With The Free AI Haiku Generator

Discover the joy of haiku with the Free AI Haiku Generator. Generate beautiful 5-7-5 syllable poems in English, Chinese, and Japanese.

Haiku, a traditional Japanese form of poetry, captures fleeting moments in three short lines. This Haiku Generator makes it easy to create these evocative poems using AI.

This free AI tool currently supports English, Chinese, and Japanese. You enter a few keywords, and the generator will assemble them into a haiku poem that adheres to the classic 5-7-5 syllable structure.

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How to use it:

1. Visit the Free Haiku Generator and input the keywords you want to use. Consider the following methods to select impactful keywords:

  • Theme or Emotion: Reflect on the sentiment you wish to express and choose keywords that resonate with it. For example, if your haiku celebrates nature, use keywords like “tranquil forest,” “pristine lake,” or “whispering wind.”
  • Contrast or Unexpected Combinations: Pair contrasting elements to spark curiosity and create dynamic imagery. For instance, “frosty silence” combined with “dawn chorus” can evoke a sense of awakening amidst the cold.
  • Visual or Sensory Stimuli: Engage the reader’s senses by choosing keywords that paint a vivid picture or provoke a sensory response, such as “golden sunset,” “gentle raindrops,” or “lush greenery.”

2. Alternatively, you can click the ‘Random Keyword’ button to let the AI suggest random keywords for your haiku.

Free AI Haiku Generator Random Keywords

3. Hit the ‘Generate Haiku’ button, and the AI will create a haiku poem that matches the mood of the keywords you provided.

Free AI Haiku Generator Results

4. Here’s a haiku poem I created using the keywords “summer heat,” “sun,” and “intensity”:

# English
Summer heat blazes,
Sun's intensity sears,
Nature's passion roars.
# Chinese
# Japanese


Q: What is Haiku?
A: Haiku is a traditional Japanese form of poetry known for its brevity and evocative imagery. It consists of three unrhymed lines with a specific syllable count: five syllables in the first line, seven in the second, and five in the third. Haiku often focuses on nature and captures fleeting moments or emotions with simple, yet powerful, language.

Q: What is the background of Haiku?
A: Haiku originated in Japan in the 17th century and was popularized by poets such as Matsuo Bashō and Yosa Buson. Haiku was traditionally used to record observations and impressions of nature, and often contained a seasonal reference (known as a kigo).

Q: Is There a Limit to How Many Haikus I Can Generate?
A: No, you can generate multiple haikus to explore various themes and styles.

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