Convert YouTube videos into Blog Posts With VideoToBlog’s Free AI

Free AI tool to transform your YouTube videos into engaging blog posts. Save time and expand reach.

A free AI-powered video to blog tool that automatically converts YouTube videos into blog posts.

It uses OpenAI’s GPT AI model to analyze video transcripts and generate high-quality articles you can easily export. Just provide a YouTube URL, and the AI generates a complete blog post for you to review and edit. This saves content creators hours of manual transcription and writing.

With this AI tool, educators can turn video lectures into readable content, marketers can convert video testimonials into engaging stories, and content creators can repurpose video interviews into blog articles.

How to use it:

1. Visit

2. Paste the Youtube video URL and click ‘Create Blog’.

Youtube To Blog Post URL

3. Wait for the AI to analyze the video transcript and generate a blog post.

Youtube To Blog Post Preview

4. Preview the blog post and edit or refine as needed.

Youtube To Blog Post Edit

5. Click ‘Export’ to download the completed blog post as HTML or TXT.

Youtube To Blog Post Export

6. Unhappy with the results? Click ‘Regenerate’ to get a new version.

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