Explore AI-Generated Artworks & Midjourney Prompts with NightBloom

Discover a world of AI-generated artworks on NightBloom. Browse unique styles, explore prompts, and find inspiration for your art projects.

NightBloom is a user-friendly AI image aggregator platform that allows you to easily navigate through a vast collection of artworks across various styles, from anime to oil paintings. Each piece is a window into the artistic potential of AI and might be the perfect inspiration for your next project.

One of the most outstanding features of NightBloom is its ability to provide the prompts used to generate each artwork. This can help beginners understand the process of AI image generation and allow experienced users to experiment with similar prompts on their preferred AI tools like Midjourney.

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How to use it:

1. Visit NightBloom to view an extensive gallery of AI-generated artworks. You don’t need to sign up to start exploring various art categories, including:

  • Isometric Anime
  • Analytic Drawing
  • Infographic Drawing
  • Coloring Book
  • Diagrammatic Drawing
  • Diagrammatic Portrait
  • Double Exposure
  • Isometric Illustration
  • 2d Illustration
  • Pixel Art
  • Futuristic
  • Ornamental Watercolor
  • Dark Fantasy
  • Paper Cut
  • Paper Quilling
  • Patchwork Collage
  • Iridescent
  • Ukiyo E
  • Watercolor Landscape
  • Op Art
  • Japanese Ink
  • Pastel Drawing
  • Dripping Art
  • Graffiti Portrait
  • Stained Glass Portrait
  • Winter Oil Painting
  • Oil Painting
  • Anime Portrait
  • Cinematographic
  • Typography
  • Line Drawing
  • Polaroid Photo
  • Tattoo Art

2. If you have something specific in mind, the search function allows you to quickly find relevant artwork.

NightBloom Search

3. Click on any artwork preview to access its details page. Here, you can download the image, check its dimensions, or even see which AI tool was used for its creation. For those interested in creating their own AI art, NightBloom provides prompts used in the generation of each image as shown below:

NightBloom Details

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