An AI Tool To Help You Build Habits and Get Things Done – Accountabilabuddy

Procrastinating again? Let Accountabilabuddy's AI motivation bots give you friendly nudges to help you build habits and get things done!

Accountabilabuddy is an AI texting bot that can help you stay motivated and achieve your goals by sending you automated text message reminders.

It allows you to specify an activity you want to be accountable for, set a time for your AI buddy to check in, and choose a fun personality to send you timely encouragement.

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You can use it to help build habits like exercising regularly, calling loved ones, practicing meditation or mindfulness, completing tasks, and much more. If you struggle with procrastination or need an extra nudge to stay on track, Accountabilabuddy may be the perfect accountability partner.

How to use it:

1. Navigate to Accountabilabuddy’s homepage.

2. Type in what you want to be held accountable for or choose from pre-defined activities like “Call mom”, “Exercise”, or “Meditate”.

accountable for

3. Select who you’d like your accountabilabuddy to emulate – be it ‘mom’, ‘bud-e’, or ‘queen b’.

Accountabilabuddy Who

4. Pick the date and time you want your buddy to check in.

Accountabilabuddy Date & Time

5. Provide and confirm your mobile phone number. And that’s it! Your accountabilabuddy will text you at the scheduled times to motivate you, offer advice, and make sure you stay on track.

Accountabilabuddy Phone Number

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