Get A Free Web Design Audit From AI – Roast My Design

Get your website roasted! AI analyzes your design and gives brutally honest feedback. Improve your web presence with Roast My Design.

Roast My Design is a free AI tool for web designers who want an objective analysis of their site’s design.

Upload a screenshot, and AI will meticulously evaluate aspects like potential, aesthetics, copywriting, UI design, and consistency and provide actionable recommendations for improvement.

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How to use it:

1. Visit the Roast My Design website and upload a screenshot of your webpage. For instance, I submitted a screenshot of the homepage of my site,

Roast My Design Upload Web Screenshot

2. Press the ‘Roast It’ button, and the AI starts analyzing essential elements like layout, color scheme, typography, imagery, and content flow.

3. Within moments, you’ll receive a design scorecard broken down into these categories: overall quality, potential, aesthetics, copywriting, UI design, and consistency.

Roast My Design Scrore Card

4. Roast My Design goes beyond just scoring your design. It provides specific suggestions for improvement in each of the five core areas. Let’s take a look at the AI’s analysis of’s homepage.

  • Aesthetics: The AI suggested adding more visual variety to the background, using high-resolution images, and increasing padding around the “Free AI Tools & Resources” header.
  • Copywriting: The AI recommended rewriting the subheading for better engagement and adding action-oriented language to tool descriptions. It also suggested ensuring all text is concise and jargon-free.
  • UI Design: The AI highlighted areas for improvement in navigation by suggesting a more prominent “Subscribe” button and clear labels for the search bar. Additionally, it emphasized ensuring hover states for buttons and consistent button styles.
  • Consistency: The AI identified areas where font sizes and styles could be standardized across headings and throughout the website.
Roast My Design Recommendations

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