Make Travel Planning Easy with AI-Generated Itineraries – Guide Trip Planner

Planning a trip? Guide AI makes it fun & easy! AI suggestions, social collaboration, booking tools, & more. Create your dream trip today!

Guide is an AI-powered free travel planning tool that creates customizable itineraries.

It goes beyond just trip planning by letting you involve friends in planning and managing your trip from start to finish.

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Guide uses AI and data from trusted sources like Google Reviews and Lonely Planet to recommend personalized activities, restaurants, hotels, and more based on your trip details and preferences.

The AI gets smarter over time by analyzing feedback data.

Additionally, Guide also helps you book flights, hotels, and activities in one place. It manages your full itinerary and budget.

Other helpful features include packing lists, destination guides, and an AI-powered travel chatbot to answer questions.

How to use it:

1. Sign up for a free account on the Guide website.

2. Enter your destination cities and travel dates.

Guide AI Trip Planner City And Date

3. Select who you are traveling with: Solo, Partner, Group, or With Kids.

Guide AI Trip Planner With Who

4. Tell the AI about your budget, preferred activities, pace, and more.

Guide AI Trip Planner More Info

5. Hit “Get My Trip,” and the Guide’s AI generates a full itinerary in minutes.

6. Review personalized recommendations for activities, dining, hotels, packing lists, things to know, and more.

Guide AI Trip Planner Overview
Guide AI Trip Planner Booking
Guide AI Trip Planner Budge
Guide AI Trip Planner Packing List
Guide AI Trip Planner Things To Know

7. Print or share your final PDF itinerary.

Guide AI Trip Planner Export PDF

8. Ask the AI planner any questions via the chatbot.

Guide AI Trip Planner Chatbot

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