Get Honest Feedback on Your Startup Idea from Hell’s Pitching AI

An innovative AI tool designed to mold and improve startup ideas.

Have a mediocre startup idea? Let Hell’s Pitching roast it to perfection! This AI assistant provides brutally honest feedback to help entrepreneurs refine their concepts.


  • Honest Feedback: Hell’s Pitching does not believe in mollycoddling. You’ll get straight, no-nonsense feedback, telling you what works and what doesn’t.
  • Humorous Roasts: While the feedback is sincere, it’s delivered in a fun, roasting manner. After all, a little humor can help soften the blow.
  • Brainstorming Buddy: Stuck in a thought bubble? Hell’s Pitching offers different perspectives and asks questions that can stimulate fresh thinking about your startup.
  • Cost-Free Access: The best part? This service doesn’t cost a dime! Whether you’re an indie hacker or a big enterprise, the doors to Hell’s Pitching are wide open.

How to use it:

1. Head over to Hell’s Pitching and either log in or sign up. Check your email for a magic link and click on it to sign in.

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2. In the chat interface, spill the beans. Tell the AI about your startup idea, no matter how grand or mediocre you think it is.

3. Keep the conversation going. As you chat, you’ll uncover more insights, suggestions, and of course, some memorable roasts about your business.

Hell's Pitching AI Chat UI

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