Generate Unique Spiral Images with Just a Text Prompt Using Spirals AI

Generate endless, custom AI spiral artwork in seconds for free using Spirals - the simple AI art creation tool.

Spirals is a free and open-source AI art generator that allows anyone to create beautiful spiral artwork with just a text prompt.

Built with Next.js, Vercel, and Replicate, it generates unique, high-quality, 768×768 px spiral images for posters, wallpapers, content, NFTs, and more.

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GitHub Repo

How to use it:

1. Head over to the Spirals web app.

2. Think of a concept and enter your prompt to describe your vision.

AI Spiral Artwork Generator Prompt

3. Be patient. Your art will be ready in about 20 to 30 seconds.

4. Love what you see? Click the download icon and save your masterpiece.

AI Spiral Artwork Generator Result

5. If you’re a tech enthusiast, Spirals is open-source. Set up your Replicate and Vercel accounts, get the necessary env vars, and deploy using the provided button.

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