Free AI Spelling & Grammar Checker – Flawlessly

Eliminate typos and grammar mistakes with Flawlessly, the free AI writing assistant. Get professional-quality writing in seconds.

Flawlessly is a free AI writing assistant that serves as an alternative to Grammarly. It uses AI to correct spelling and grammar and even adjust the tone of your writing to enhance clarity, conciseness, and professionalism.

This tool is completely free and incredibly easy to use. Just paste your text, press a button, and watch as Flawlessly transforms your writing into error-free content in seconds.

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How to use it:

1. Visit Flawlessly App and paste or voice-type the text you want to check for spelling and grammar errors.

2. Select from Formal, Semi-formal, or Conversational tones from the dropdown to match your text’s purpose.

Flawlessly AI Writing Assistant Select Tone

3. Click the ‘Correct This’ button, and your text will be immediately analyzed for spelling and grammatical errors. The corrected text will be generated on the page, formatted in the tone you specified.

4. During my testing, I entered the following text (with deliberate typos and grammatical errors). The AI successfully corrected these errors and reconstructed some of my sentences (if there were any grammatical errors) based on the ‘Conversational Tone’ I selected.

Flawlessly AI Writing Assistant Result

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