Fast AI Short Form Content Generator – Emaildojo

An AI tool generates optimized short form copy like headlines, subject lines, social posts, and captions tailored to your industry and goals.

Emaildojo is a fast, powerful, and full-free short form content generator built on the formidable framework of OpenAI’s GPT model.

Just select your industry, tone, and content type. Describe your goals. Emaildojo will generate optimized short form copy up to 256 characters long.

By leveraging AI, it ensures that every piece generated is relevant, engaging, and perfectly suited to your audience.

How to use it:

Emaildojo Short Form Content Generator Input

1. Visit the website.

2. Pick your industry: E-commerce, Travel, Media, Fintech, Telecom, Hospitality, Food, Health, Ed-tech, or Gaming.

3. Decide your tone: Casual, Formal, Funny, Quirky, Witty, Urgent, Shocking, Inspirational, or Motivating.

4. Select your content type: Email Subject Line, Headline, Social Media Post, Product Description, Ad Copy, SMS/MMS, Push Notification, Taglines/Slogans, Call-to-Action Phrases, or Caption.

5. Decide if you’d like to add some flair with EMOJIS.

6. Give the AI a clearer picture by describing your content objectives or requirements.

7. Hit the Generate button to get tailored short-form copy made for you!

Emaildojo Short Form Content Generator Result

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