Bring Your Architectural Dreams To Life With Renderahouse AI

Bring your architectural plans to life with Renderahouse! This free AI tool creates photorealistic renders in seconds. Upload your designs today!

Renderahouse is a user-friendly AI tool specifically designed for architects and designers.

It uses advanced AI to generate highly detailed and photorealistic renderings from architectural drawings easily.

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No design expertise is needed – just upload your project drafts, and Renderahouse will do the rest.

Additionally, you can specify whether the rendering should depict an interior or exterior view, and even select the location and weather conditions for exterior shots.

This level of customization ensures that your renderings accurately reflect the desired atmosphere and environment.

How to use it:

1. Visit the Renderahouse website and click ‘Try It Out’ to begin.

2. Upload an image file of your house drawing. This can be a screenshot from a 3D modeling software like SketchUp or 3DS Max, or even a hand drawing.

Render A House AI Upload

3. Set the Scene:

  • Time of Day: Choose the perfect lighting for your project – sunrise, midday, sunset, or anything in between.
  • Interior or Exterior: Let the AI know if you’re visualizing the inside or outside of the building.
  • Location: Select the environment – bustling cityscape, serene forest, peaceful countryside, or a dramatic mountain backdrop. (For exteriors only)
  • Weather: Add a touch of realism with different weather options – clear skies, fluffy clouds, pouring rain, a fresh snowfall, or a mysterious fog. (For exteriors only)
Render A House AI Settings

4. Click “Next” and watch Renderahouse work its magic. The AI will generate four unique preview images for you to choose from. Click on your favorite preview to create the final high-resolution render.

Render A House AI Previews

5. Don’t like the options? Simply adjust the settings and generate new previews until you achieve your desired look.

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