Privacy-first AI ChatBot Based On Llama 2 – LlamaGPT

With LlamaGPT you can host GPT-style chatbots locally - keep your data private while enjoying powerful AI conversation.

LlamaGPT is an open-source AI chatbot that brings the power of Meta’s Llama 2 to your own private server. With LlamaGPT, you can have natural conversations with an AI assistant without worrying about your data being sent to third-party servers.

It allows you to host an offline, ChatGPT-like chatbot locally on your own hardware, which gives you full control over your conversations and complete privacy, as no data ever leaves your device.

From the convenience of umbrelOS home servers to the power of M1/M2 Macs, and even the flexibility of Docker, LlamaGPT seamlessly integrates with various platforms.

Installation instructions for LlamaGPT can be found in the project’s GitHub repository. It provides setup guides for various platforms like umbrelOS, Mac M1/M2, Kubernetes, and more. Find the guide matching your system and hardware to get LlamaGPT running smoothly.

See It In Action:

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