Convert Portrait Photos to Clay Art – Clay Filter AI

Experience the enchantment of clay animation with Clay Filter AI. Transform your portraits into clay-style art – try it now!

Clay Filter AI is a free AI image enhancer tool for transforming portrait photos into clay animation-style art.

This tool uses AI to analyze and manipulate your uploaded photos and imbue them with a distinct, whimsical, clay-like aesthetic within 10-20 seconds.

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How to use it:

1. Visit Clay Filter AI and create a free account.

Clay Filter AI Register

2. Choose a portrait photo from your device and upload it to the Clay Filter AI platform.

Clay Filter AI Upload

3. Click “Submit” and wait roughly 10-20 seconds for the AI to work its magic.

4. Once complete, you can review your claymation art and save it to your device.

Clay Filter AI Result

5. You can find all your AI-generated Clay photos in the ‘Gallery’ section.

Clay Filter AI Gallery

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