Free Notion-like AI Notebook App – Inke

Transform your writing with Inke's AI-powered text autocomplete and efficient shortcuts. Free, easy, and powerful note-taking awaits.

Inke is a free, open-source notebook app that provides a Notion-like writing experience with built-in AI writing assistance and real-time collaboration.

The app includes WYSIWYG markdown editing, efficient shortcut inputs, and AI-powered text autocompletion to boost writing productivity.

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Users can store notes locally or in the cloud, embed images, export as different file formats, and install Inke as a desktop PWA.

How to use it:

1. Head to Inke’s official website and click “Start writing now” to dive in immediately without any signup hassle. However, consider registering for free to unlock the full potential of this powerful app.

2. Type “/” to open the commands menu or “??” to enable AI autocomplete suggestions.

Inke AI Notebook Autocomplete

3. Select text and use the built-in AI tools to improve writing, fix grammar, shorten/lengthen, get suggestions, enhance vocabulary, generate titles, apply templates, and fix repetition.

Inke AI Notebook More Tools

Deploy Your Version

Interested in a custom setup? Deploy your own Inke to Vercel with a simple click, or run it locally by cloning the GitHub repository.

Don’t forget to set up the necessary environment variables like the OPENAI_API_KEY and BLOB_READ_WRITE_TOKEN for full functionality.

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