Google’s AI Solution to Streamline Note-Taking and Collaboration – NotebookLM

Be more productive with NotebookLM - collaborate with AI to take better notes, get suggestions, refine ideas, and boost understanding of research materials.

Google NotebookLM is an experimental AI-powered note-taking app designed to help users do their best thinking faster. It combines the power of advanced language models with your existing content to provide you with:

  • Critical insights: NotebookLM analyzes your content and helps you identify key themes, trends, and relationships you might have missed.
  • Creative ideas: Generate new ideas and brainstorm solutions by prompting the model with questions or prompts.
  • Improved efficiency: Automate repetitive tasks like summarizing text, extracting data from documents, and generating code.
  • Noteboard space: Organize your thoughts and ideas with the new noteboard feature, allowing you to create and manage different sections for your project.
  • Suggested actions: NotebookLM will recommend next steps based on your current task and content, helping you stay focused and productive.
  • AI-first design: Built from the ground up using the latest AI technology, NotebookLM offers a unique and innovative experience.
  • Privacy and security: NotebookLM only has access to the source material you choose to upload, and your files and interactions with the AI are not visible to other users.

NotebookLM is exclusively available in the U.S. for individuals 18 and older, and is powered by Google’s most advanced AI model: Gemini Pro.

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How to use it:

1. Visit the NotebookLM App. For the best experience, use NotebookLM on a desktop computer, as the mobile view might have font size limitations.

NotebookLM New Notebook

2. Upload source documents from Google Drive, drag-and-drop PDFs, or paste text excerpts. Add up to 20 sources with 200k max words.

NotebookLM Add Source

3. Once your documents are uploaded, NotebookLM transforms into an AI expert tailored to your specific sources, ready to assist with any queries related to your project. Note that NotebookLM may still sometimes give inaccurate responses, so you may want to confirm any facts independently.

NotebookLM Chat

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