Generate New Emails & Draft Replies With AI – Email Generator

Write impactful emails faster with the Free AI Email Generator. Increase response rates and save time!

This is a free, fast, user-friendly, and AI-powered email generator that allows you to create new emails or draft replies in seconds. It supports various languages and provides customization options to fit business needs such as marketing, sales, and customer service communications.

The Free AI Email Generator uses natural language processing to understand your instructions. You provide the context and specifics of the email you need, such as the purpose, desired tone, message length, etc. The AI then analyzes this information, along with existing text structures, to generate consistent, relevant, and personalized email content for a predefined target audience.

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How to use it:

1. Visit the AI Email Generator web app and choose whether you want to generate a new email or reply to an existing one.

2. Provide the necessary details and context for the email you need to generate:

  • Purpose of the Email: Clearly state the objective, such as “Write apologies for not being able to attend the IT department meeting and request meeting notes or a summary.”
  • Received Email (for reply emails only): Include the original email you wish to respond to.
  • Tone: Select the desired tone, such as Friendly, Informative, Professional, Encouraging, Neutral, Formal, Persuasive, Concise, Empathetic, or Assertive.
  • Language: Choose the language for the email. Defaults to English.
  • Length: Specify the desired message length – Short, Medium, or Long.
  • Sender and Recipient (optional): Provide details about the sender and recipient for enhanced personalization.

3. To optimize the results, we recommend supplying all relevant information to the AI Email Generator. Ensure the email’s objective, audience, and keywords are clear and precise. The more information you provide, the more personalized the AI-generated email content will be.

AI-powered email generator prompt

4. Click the ‘Generate my email with AI’ button to initiate the email generation process. You can edit and adjust the content to better suit your specific needs and objectives.

AI-powered email generator result

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