Instant Lease Abstraction & Summarization For Free – LeaseLens AI

Upload a lease PDF to instantly extract critical details and get a plain language summary—all for free.

LeaseLens is a free AI-powered lease abstraction tool that utilizes GPT-4 powered technology to quickly extract essential information from lease agreements.

The tool’s machine learning model, trained on thousands of lease documents, ensures precise data extraction. Ideal for both property management and commercial leases.

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How to use it:

1. Visit the LeaseLens AI.

2. Upload any real estate or commercial lease document in PDF format, ensuring it’s within the 150-page and 100MB limit. Then, click ‘save and continue’.

LeaseLens AI Lease Abstraction Upload

3. Select Abstraction Type: Choose between Short Form and Long Form for either North America or the UK, depending on your requirements.

LeaseLens AI Lease Abstraction Abstraction Type

4. Choose Fields for Abstraction: Pick the fields you need to include in your abstraction, from basic information to specific lease details.

LeaseLens AI Lease Abstraction Fields

5. The AI employs OCR to read and understand your document, extracting relevant lease information. Select a field to view and summarize its extractions, getting a clear, concise summary of the lease details.

LeaseLens AI Lease Abstraction Dropdown

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