Visualize Your Text: The AI-powered Knowledge Graph Generator

Visualize complexity with ease! The Knowledge Graph Generator uses AI to turn text into intuitive knowledge graphs. Discover insights you never knew existed.

This is an open-source Python-based web app that transforms textual information into clear and concise knowledge graphs using AI.

It can help you extract meaningful information from unstructured data and represent it in a structured, easy-to-understand format.

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What Is A Knowledge Graph

A knowledge graph is a visual representation of information, where things and their connections are shown as nodes and edges.

This app uses OpenAI’s GPT models to analyze your text and automatically generate a corresponding knowledge graph. This can be helpful for tasks like summarizing complex information, exploring relationships between concepts, and creating visual aids for presentations or reports.

How It Works:

The Python script initializes the OpenAI’s GPT model and wraps it with LangSmith for enhanced functionality. Then, it utilizes the Instructor library to interface with the model, where users can input their text.

Upon receiving the text input, the script sends it to the GPT model, which processes the information and generates a knowledge graph representation.

This representation is then passed to the Graphviz library, which renders the graph visually, complete with nodes and edges. The result is a clear, visual knowledge graph displayed to the user.

See It In Action:

Here is a knowledge graph I generated using the introduction of this Python app itself. You can see that each key term like “Knowledge Graph,” “OpenAI’s GPT Model,” and “Text” is represented as a node. The arrows and descriptions between the nodes showcase the relationships, like how the “Knowledge Graph Generator” “uses” the “OpenAI” language model to analyze your “Text”. Visualizing information this way makes it easier to grasp the core concepts and connections at a glance.

Knowledge Graph Generator Example

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