Transform Your Ideas into Websites with Makedraft AI

Generate web pages with Makedraft's AI assistant. Get code styled with Tailwind CSS to copy into your projects and skip tedious coding.

Makedraft is an AI-powered website generator that transforms your instructions into web pages styled with the popular TailwindCSS framework.

Just describe what you need, and Makedraft outputs HTML, JavaScript, or Alpine.js code you can use in your next web project.

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Ideal for both personal and commercial projects, Makedraft is currently in its beta phase, offering its full suite of features absolutely free.

How to use it:

1. Go to the Makedraft website and log in with your Github account or email address.

2. Select your desired framework: Javascript or Alpine.js, depending on your interactivity needs.

3. Provide Makedraft with clear instructions: Describe your page layout, elements, and desired functionality in the textbox.

Makedraft AI Prompt

4. Hit the ‘Generate’ button to generate complete HTML code with pre-styled Tailwind CSS classes.

Makedraft AI HTML

5. Customize the code manually for finer adjustments or specific needs.

6. Click “Open Window” to see your creation, then copy the code and incorporate it into your existing project.

Makedraft AI Preview

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