Google SGE: Revolutionizing Search with Generative AI Imagery

Google is testing new AI capabilities in Search, like generating images from descriptions and drafting text, to help users get inspired and accomplish more.

Google recently announced some exciting upgrades coming to its Search engine – new AI-powered features that can help you generate images and text drafts right within your searches. With these latest capabilities, Google Search aims to provide users with enhanced inspiration and productivity.

One of the new features is the ability to create images through Google’s generative AI Search experience (SGE). Now when you search for something like “draw a green robot juggling stars,” SGE will provide up to four AI-generated images in the results. You can tap on an image to see the descriptive prompt used to create it, then edit the description to customize the image further.

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This image generation tool is designed to help when you have a visual idea in mind but can’t find the exact image you want. It allows you to bring your own unique concepts to life. To ensure responsible use, Google says the feature has safeguards in place, including watermarking all AI-created images.

Google SGE Generate Images
From Google Blog

In addition to image generation, Google also unveiled AI-assisted text drafting within SGE. For example, if you’re researching home office ideas, you could ask SGE to “write an email to a contractor requesting a quote for converting my garage into a home office.” It will provide a draft that you can then export and customize.

According to Google, this feature is intended to help inspire ideas and make progress on longer research tasks where you may get stuck during the writing process. The drafts utilize the latest AI capabilities while also incorporating Google Workspace privacy protections when exporting.

Both the image creation and text drafting tools are initially launching in English in the U.S. for those who opt into Google’s SGE experiments. The features aim to demonstrate the possibilities of generative AI in Search to spark inspiration and boost productivity.

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