Generate Elegant PPTs With Genppt’s Free AI Presentation Generator

Create professional and elegant PPTs on any topic with Genppt, a free multilingual AI presentation generator. Try it today!

Genppt is a free, multilingual, AI-powered PPT maker that generates professional and elegant PowerPoint presentations for any topic.

Genppt’s AI algorithm researches the topic you provide, curates relevant information, and organizes it into a downloadable PPTX format.

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This makes it perfect for students, professionals, and anyone in need of a polished presentation without investing significant time.

How to use it:

1. Go to the Genppt website and log in with your Google account.

2. Select a theme that resonates with your desired presentation style:

  • Minimalist: A clean and simple theme that focuses on your content
  • Notebook: A playful theme that looks like a notebook made for students
  • Elegant: A sophisticated theme that is perfect for business presentations
  • Marketing: A modern, creative presentation for your next marketing pitch or meeting.

3. Enter the topic you wish to cover in your presentation. For example, if you want a presentation on JavaScript, type “JavaScript” in the input field.

Genppt AI Presentation Maker Enter Topic

4. Choose the language in which you prefer your presentation to be created, and click the “Generate” button.

5. Genppt’s AI will then commence researching your chosen topic, curating relevant information, and crafting slides complete with content. Once the process is complete, the final presentation will be automatically downloaded to your device in the PPTX format.

In my example, Genppt generated four subtopics for "JavaScript": "Introduction to JS," "JS Fundamentals," "JS in Web Development," and "JS Frameworks/Libraries," which provides a comprehensive overview of this popular programming language. 

6. You can then preview the AI-generated presentation and make any necessary modifications or additions using Microsoft PowerPoint or a compatible application.

Genppt AI Presentation Maker JavaScript



  • Added a new theme: ‘Marketing’.

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