Generate Copyright-Free Music For Any Mood – Melodio AI

Generate personalized, royalty-free music with Melodio's AI. Adapt songs on the go, visualize your music, and create full tracks in seconds.

Melodio is a brand new AI music generation platform that allows you to create personalized, copyright-free music for any scenario.

It generates custom music streams that adapt to your mood in real time. You can modify music on the go, view dynamic music visualizations, and produce full tracks in seconds. All music created is royalty-free.

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How to use it:

1. Visit the Melodio AI platform and register for a free account.

2. You’ll find a prompt box on the Melodio’s homepage. Here, you describe the type of melody you want. Be as specific as possible, using up to 500 characters. For example, you could write “a calming melody for focusing on work” or “an upbeat track for a morning run.”

Melodio AI Music Generator Prompt

3. Click the ‘Let’s vibe’ button. The AI will analyze your input and generate a music with lyrics matching your mood within seconds. Here’s what Melodio generated for my prompt “confused about the future”:

In foggy moments of my mind's eye
The path ahead is shrouded in the sky
Tangled thoughts, like strings of shadows
Or whispers in an empty hallway
Oh, I'm standing at crossroads where the world divides
Two paths diverge, with hearts entwined
Can't see the light, can't feel the air
Lost in thought, lost in my despair
Dreams whispering, secrets hard to keep
Caught between hope and a distant sea
Each road leading, yet somehow unseen
The journey ahead, a mystery, it seems
And in this daze, I'm searching for a sign
One to lead me, back into the light again
A beacon shining, a guiding star
To ignite the doubts, tear up the bar

4. Currently, this is a demo of Melodio’s capabilities. To unlock full music creation functionality, including editing and downloading, join their waiting list. You’ll receive exclusive early access when the full platform launches.

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