Use AI To Find Movies That Match Your Description – Movieuncover

A free AI tool that recommends movies and TV shows based on your personalized descriptions.

Movieuncover is a personal AI assistant who knows exactly what movie or series you’re in the mood for just by listening to your description.

It utilizes AI to analyze user-submitted descriptions and identify the most relevant titles to recommend. For example, a user could type “Imagine brother takes the throne illegally, Hollywood, in recent years,” and Movieuncover would recognize this is likely about royal family battles over power.

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How to use it:

1. Visit

2. In the text box, type in a description of the movie or series you’re thinking of. Be as detailed or as vague as you like.

Movieuncover Movie Finder Input

3. The AI analyzes your description, identifies the underlying theme, and presents you with a selection of titles that match your criteria.

Movieuncover Movie Finder Mars


  1. It’s about a man that was born without skin and he kills people ..he captured a girl and made her watch how he cut his boyfriend în many parts.and at the end of the movie she was left with a hand only

  2. I search a film about search a baby son.He was disappeared because of flood.Actually he was stolen by grandfather.Mother heard his sound on a boat,but couldn’t find.Because his second mom(step) hide his sound.At the end of film her son will be a violin player and his stepmom shows him to biological mom

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