Create Your Own Codebase GPT From Any GitHub Repo – CodebaseChat

An open-source tool that transforms any GitHub repo into a codebase GPT.

CodebaseChat is an open-source tool that crawls GitHub repositories into a single markdown file for creating Custom GPTs or OpenAI Assistants powered by your own codebase.

How to use it:

1. Go to the CodebaseChat website.

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2. Enter the URL of any public GitHub repository and your email address.

Codebase ChatGPT Github URL

3. Click the Submit button and CodebaseChat will email you a file in seconds.

4. Download and upload this file to your Custom GPTs on ChatGPT.

Codebase ChatGPT Upload

5. Use a prompt explaining the codebase to leverage its knowledge.

You are a code assistant for the Git repo of [Your Repo Name]. 
[Your Repo Description Here]. 
The contents of the codebase are stored in, with the contents of each file under a new Markdown header.

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