Get The Best Move With Chess Predict AI

A free AI tool that analyzes chess positions and suggests the best move. Level up your game today!

Chess Predict is your personal chess coach that uses AI to analyze screenshots of chess positions and predict the best move.

Upload a screenshot of your current chess position, tell the AI whose turn it is, and let the AI work its magic.

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In an instant, you’ll receive the best move suggestion along with an in-depth analysis of the position, including potential threats, strategic opportunities, and considerations for both sides.

How to use it:

1. Go to the Chess Predict website.

2. Drag and drop a screenshot of the chess position you want to analyze or upload it from your device.

Chess Predict AI Upload

3. Specify whether it’s White’s or Black’s turn to move (the player to move should be at the bottom of the board).

Chess Predict AI White Black

4. Click ‘Get Best Move’ to receive the AI’s recommendation for the optimal move.

Chess Predict AI Best Move

5. For those wanting more insight, get a detailed analysis of why the suggested move is the best choice, complete with a strategic overview of your position. For example, when I uploaded a screenshot, the AI provided the following analysis:

Chess Predict AI Example
In this position, White has a slight advantage due to the more active piece placement and control over the center with the pawn on d4. However, Black's position is solid, with a strong pawn structure on the kingside and a well-placed knight on f6, putting pressure on White's d4 pawn. White should focus on developing their pieces and improving their control over the center. One potential plan could be to prepare the advance of the e-pawn to e4, which would strengthen White's grip on the center and potentially open up the position for the bishop on d3 and the queen on d1. Another consideration for White is the safety of their king. With the black bishop on g4, White should be cautious about castling kingside, as it may lead to a weakening of the pawn structure around the king. White should also keep an eye on the queenside, as Black may attempt to create counterplay by advancing their a-pawn and b-pawn, potentially leading to a queenside attack. In general, White should focus on gradually improving their piece placement, maintaining control over the center, and being prepared to react to any potential threats from Black. The best move for White will depend on their overall strategy and assessment of the position, but moves that improve piece coordination and maintain a solid pawn structure are likely to be beneficial.

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