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Chat privately with AI characters powered by large language models running locally on your device using the free Faraday desktop app.

Faraday is a private, offline chat application powered by AI. It allows you to have conversations with customizable AI-generated characters using large language models (Llama 2) that run locally on your device.

Faraday guarantees your conversations remain private. No data is ever sent to external servers. You fully own and control your characters. This also prevents censorship, access revocation, or external modifications of your AI models.

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Basic Usage:

1. Get started by downloading the Faraday desktop application. It’s a straightforward process that gets you up and running in no time.

2. Pick between Nous Capybara 7B for lower-end devices or Mythomax-Kimiko 13B for a more intricate experience. Each model offers a unique chatting experience, tailored to your device’s capabilities.

Faraday Dev Models

3. Jump into the Character Hub. Here, you can download a character created by the Faraday community or even upload your own.

Faraday Dev Character Hub

4. Once you’ve selected your character, type your message and hit enter. Your AI-powered chat adventure begins!

Faraday Dev Chat

5. For detailed operational insights, refer to Faraday’s official guidance document.

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