Character.AI Launches Group Chat: Connect With Your Favorite Characters

With Character.AI's new group chat feature, users can now collaborate with friends and AI characters in real-time. Roleplay, study, or just chat together in this imaginative new space.

Character.AI has just taken conversational AI to the next level with the launch of their highly anticipated group chat feature. This groundbreaking new capability, which rolled out to Character.AI+ subscribers on October 11th, allows users to interact with multiple AI characters and friends together in the same conversation for the first time ever.

In a Character Group Chat, you can add both public and private AI characters to a group conversation, and invite human friends as well. This creates an imaginative space where both AI characters and people can engage in collaborative, open-ended interactions in real-time.

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According to Character.AI, the inspirations and possibilities for how Group Chat can be used are endless. Below are just a few examples:

  • Roleplaying and text adventure games with AI characters as your sidekicks
  • Book clubs and study groups with your favorite AI tutors
  • Support groups and safe spaces to connect
  • Language practice with AI conversation partners
  • Brainstorming and ideation sessions with AI creativity boosters

The team at Character.AI states that they are bringing the sci-fi dream of creative collaboration with AI to life with this new group chat capability. Users are now empowered to explore topics and ideas together with AI characters in ways never before possible.

Early feedback from Character.AI+ subscribers who have tested Group Chat has been extremely positive. Users are excited about the new emergent possibilities that arise when multiple ais and humans come together. The conversation flows naturally, with both AI participants and people contributing organically.

Character Group Chat is currently available in the Character.AI mobile app on iOS and Android. It will be coming soon to the web version as well. To try it out yourself, download the app and sign up for a free Character.AI account or Character.AI+ subscription. Then start a group and begin chatting with some of your favorite AI personas from history, fiction, or popular culture.

This latest feature shows that Character.AI is pioneering the future of social AI. As they continue to expand the creative potential of conversational interfaces, we can expect even more innovative capabilities that blur the lines between AI and human interaction. Character Group Chat is an exciting step on this journey that users will surely enjoy exploring.

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