Find the Perfect Business Name with Namelix’s AI Generator

Quickly generate creative company name ideas with namelix's AI business name generator. It learns from your preferences to improve suggestions over time.

Namelix is an AI-powered business name generator designed to produce short, catchy, brandable, and memorable names tailored to your company.

Whether you’re launching a start-up or rebranding an existing business, Namelix serves as your creative partner. Its state-of-the-art language model offers a variety of name styles, from brandable names to real words and compound words, and everything in between.

Moreover, its domain name checker function ensures your chosen name can truly become yours.

How to use it:

1. Visit the Namelix Business Name Generator tool.

2. Enter your business keywords and hit the Generate button.

Namelix AI Business Name Generator Keywords

3. Select a name style to align with your brand personality and the impression you want to make:

Namelix AI Business Name Generator Style
  • Auto: All styles
  • Brandable names: like Google and Rolex
  • Alternate spelling: like Lyft and Fiverr
  • Non-English words: like Toyota and Audi
  • Compound words: like FedEx and Microsoft
  • Real words: like Apple and Amazon
  • Two words: like Facebook and Bitcoin
  • Short phrase: like Dollar shave club

4. Adjust the generation randomness to match your preferences: Low for direct ideas, Medium for balanced creativity, or High for a wide variety of results.

Namelix AI Business Name Generator Randomness

5. Provide additional brand info and activate the Check Domain option to utilize the domain name checker.

Namelix AI Business Name Generator Brand Info

6. Click the Gear button for optional settings, like blacklisting certain keywords or specifying domain extensions.

Namelix AI Business Name Generator Optional Settings

7. Hit the Generate button and let the AI create an array of potential names for your business. Click on a generated brand name to explore further details, such as available domain names, AI feedback, and similar brand name suggestions.

Namelix AI Business Name Generator Details

8. Namelix learns from your selections to improve suggestions over time.

Namelix AI Business Name Generator Save

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