Generate Unique Brand Names And Check Available Domains With AI – Brandix

Create memorable brand names with Brandix! Unlimited, free AI-generated names with instant domain checks.

Brandix is an AI naming tool that enables entrepreneurs and marketers to generate unique, catchy brand names and check if the perfect domain is available – all in seconds.

It’s entirely free and allows unlimited name generation without any hidden costs. Ideal for creating business names, product names, brand names, company names, project names, usernames, profile names, domain names, and more.

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How to use it:

1. Visit and click ‘Start Generating’ to begin.

2. Describe your business or product, and the AI will go to work generating brand name and domain suggestions.

Brandix Brand Name Generator Input

3. Found a brand name you like? Click ‘Generate Variations’ for more similar options.

Brandix Brand Name Generator Generate Variations

4. If your preferred domain names are taken, try different suffixes like .net, .io, or .ai to find the perfect match.

Brandix Brand Name Generator Domain

5. Click the heart icon to save your favorite names. Build a shortlist you can come back to and compare later.

Brandix Brand Name Generator Save

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