Free AI ATS Resume Check with ATS Friends

Get an edge in your job search with this ATS Resume Checker. Instant, comprehensive analysis & tips to improve your resume for free!

One of the biggest challenges job seekers often face is ensuring their resumes can effectively navigate the complex world of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

That’s where ‘ATS Friends’ comes in—a free AI-powered resume checker that analyzes your resume against the job description and provides personalized recommendations to make it ATS-friendly.

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It scans both your resume and the job description, looking for keywords, skills, and other important requirements. Then, it gives you a detailed analysis of how well they align and even offers personalized recommendations for improvement. This way, you can make sure your resume is in tip-top shape before you hit that apply button.

How to use it:

1. Go to the ATS Friends platform and create a free account.

2. Upload your resume in PDF, DOC, or DOCX format (maximum size: 5 MB).

ATS Friendly AI Resume Checker Upload

3. Copy and paste the entire job description for the position you’re interested in.

ATS Friendly AI Resume Checker Job Description

4. Click the “Start Scan” button to initiate the analysis of your resume against the job description.

ATS Friendly AI Resume Checker Start Scan

5. Receive a comprehensive analysis and ATS rating of your resume, including recommendations on how to optimize it for the specific job. For example:

  • Hard Skills: This section provides a concise summary of the candidate’s technical capabilities, including proficiency in software, programming languages, technical certifications, and other quantifiable skills crucial for the role.
  • Soft Skills: This section highlights the candidate’s interpersonal abilities, communication skills, problem-solving capabilities, teamwork, leadership qualities, adaptability, and other personal attributes essential for workplace success. Soft skills complement technical expertise and are critical for effective collaboration and professional growth.
  • Other Keywords: This section includes additional relevant terms and phrases extracted from the resume, ensuring alignment with job requirements and optimizing visibility for applicant tracking systems.
  • Educational Qualifications: According to your resume, you have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. This job requires a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related field.
  • Work Experience: This job requires a total of 0 years of Experience in Web Development. According to your resume, you have 3 years of Experience in Web Developer.
  • Job Title Matching: Aligning the job title accurately increases the candidate’s chances of being recognized as a suitable fit for the position by hiring managers and applicant tracking systems (ATS).
  • Section Headings: Crucial for ATS, these headings organize information, ensuring easy parsing. Clear headings help ATS recognize key qualifications swiftly, improving resume visibility.
  • Verb Choices: Powerful action words used and that can be used in the resume to describe achievements and responsibilities succinctly.
  • Word Count (282 words): Ideal word count for a resume is 500 – 700 words.
  • Contact Details: All contact details are present
ATS Friendly AI Resume Checker Result


Q: What Are ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems)?
A: Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are software programs used by employers to manage the recruitment process. These systems filter and sort through job applications, often using keyword-based algorithms to identify the most qualified candidates.

Q: How to make an ATS-Friendly resume?
A: To make your resume ATS-friendly, you should:

  • Incorporate relevant keywords from the job description throughout your resume
  • Use clear, concise language and formatting
  • Avoid using images, graphics, or tables that could confuse the ATS
  • Ensure your contact information is easy to find
  • Tailor your resume for each job application

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