Anthropic Introduces Claude Pro for Enhanced Claude AI Access

Anthropic's new Claude Pro plan for $20/month aims to provide power users and productivity seekers more access to the Claude AI through increased usage limits.

Anthropic has announced the launch of Claude Pro, a paid subscription plan for its AI assistant Claude. The new offering aims to provide expanded access to Claude for $20 per month in the US and UK.

Claude Pro includes 5x more usage than Anthropic’s free tier, priority access during high traffic periods, and early previews of new features. This allows power users to get more done with Claude across tasks like research summary, contract analysis, and coding projects.

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This pricing makes Claude Pro competitive with other paid AI assistants on the market. However, Anthropic differentiates Claude through its focus on reasoning, judgment, and honesty.

Since the Claude AI assistant first launched in July 2022, Anthropic has received user feedback requesting more conversations over longer periods. The Claude Pro plan addresses this by increasing usage limits so subscribers can send many more messages.

The launch of Claude Pro signals Anthropic’s commitment to keep improving its AI technology while responsibly monetizing new capabilities. For power users of Claude eager to boost productivity even further, the paid Pro plan unlocks more advanced AI interaction.


Which Claude version are we chatting with?

The chat experience is powered by Claude 2.

How can one access Claude?

Through the chat, the Claude App for Slack, and an API currently in its beta phase.

Is a free version still available?

Yes, remains free, but is currently limited to users in the US and UK.

How to sign up for Claude Pro?

Simply log into your account, click on your initials, choose “Subscribe to Pro”, and follow the payment instructions.

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