Amazon Announces ‘Amazon One’: A Palm Scanning Technology

Amazon One: an AI-powered authentication system with higher accuracy than scanning two irises.

According to a recent article on Amazon’s website, Amazon One, a service that enables customers to use their palm to pay at a store or enter physical locations, uses generative AI to train its palm scanning technology.

The system uses infrared light to recognize the unique lines, grooves, and ridges on the palm and the pulsating network of veins just under the skin. It then creates a unique numerical vector representation of the palm signature and connects it to the customer’s credit card or Amazon account.

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Amazon One Trainning

To train Amazon One’s AI model, Amazon used generative AI to create millions of synthetic images of palms. This allowed the system to learn from images of millions of artificial hands and achieve accuracy higher than scanning two irises. The synthetic data created by the AI replicated the breadth and variety of real data as closely as possible.

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