Turn Text into Slack Emojis with the Emoji Gen AI Tool

An open-source AI tool that can generate fun custom emojis for you in seconds. Great for Slack, Discord, and more!

Emoji Gen is a free, fast, and open-source AI tool that uses AI to generate unique emojis you can use in Slack or other apps.

Simply enter any word or phrase, and Emoji Gen will generate a matching emoji. The AI is trained on Apple’s emoji set, so the output resembles iOS-style emoji art.

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How to use it:

1. Begin your emoji creation journey by heading to the EmojiGen app.

2. Once you enter the text prompt, the AI gets to work and churns out an emoji in mere seconds.

3. Find the emoji you just made? Click on it to download. Then, add it to your Slack or other apps and enhance your chat experience!

Emoji Gen AI Tool Result

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