Transform Hand-Drawn Scribbles Into Stunning Visuals – Presto

An AI tool that transforms your ideas into stunning visuals using the Text-to-Image Diffusion Models.

Are you ready to bring your creative ideas to life with the power of artificial intelligence? In this post, we’re going to introduce an innovative AI tool called ‘Presto’, which was designed to revolutionize the way you iterate and develop your concepts.

Presto utilizes ControlNet (an open-source neural network structure to control Diffusion models) to transform your hand-drawn scribbles into high-quality sketches, photos, paintings, and more. It offers a user-friendly interface where you can draw your scribbles directly or upload an image of your hand-drawn idea. To ensure the best possible results, simply provide a concise 1-3 word description of your drawing, and let the power of ControlNet take care of the rest.

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You can easily deploy the AI-driven app on Vercel with just one click.

How to use it:


1. Visit the Presto app (An example app can be found here).

2. Choose a vibe from the dropdown:

  • Ultra realistic
  • Low Poly
  • Anime
  • Cartoon
  • Painting

3. Write a short description of your idea.

4. Draw or upload your idea.

5. Click the Transform button. Done.

See It In Action:

Transform Hand-Drawn Scribbles Into Stunning Visuals


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