Free AI-powered Scrabble Solver – Scrabblecam

Use AI to scan your Scrabble board and suggest the best moves. Upload a board photo for instant scoring advice.

Scrabblecam is an AI-powered Scrabble solver that helps you find the best moves from pictures of real Scrabble boards.

It uses advanced deep learning to recognize board states and works with different board styles (e.g. CSW21, ENABLE, ODS9, etc).

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The algorithm quickly identifies high-scoring moves from valid board images. It currently only supports the standard 15×15 boards.

How to use it:

1. Go to the Scrabblecam website.

2. Capture and upload a photo of your Scrabble board. Choose your game language from English (CSW21, World), English (ENABLE, North American), French (ODS9), or Italian.

AI Scrabble Solver Upload

3. Review the board and correct potential mistakes. Replace blanks (?) with actual letters for full accuracy

AI Scrabble Solver Review

4. Enter up to seven of your tiles, or snap a photo of your rack. Use “?” for any blanks.

AI Scrabble Solver Rack

5. Click on ‘Find best moves!’ and watch as the AI reveals top scoring moves for your game.

AI Scrabble Solver Top Moves

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