Free AI Bio Generator for Your Online Presence – Quick Bio

Generate personalized bios for social media and websites with this free AI tool. Customize tone, style, and enhance with emojis.

Quick Bio is a fast and open-source AI tool that uses open-source LLMs (like Llama 3 and Mixtral) to generate personalized profile bios for individuals or brands.

It also provides customizable options (like tones, types, and creativity levels) and content elements (like emojis and hashtags) to generate bios that perfectly reflect your unique voice and brand identity.

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How to deploy it:

1. Clone the Quick Bio repository from GitHub:

git clone

2. Navigate to the cloned directory and install the required dependencies:

npm i

3. Rename the .env.example file to .env and update it with your Groq API key:


4. Launch the application by running:

npm run dev

How to use it:

1. Visit the local deployment or the official playground to begin.

2. Select your preferred LLM (large language model) from the dropdown menu.

Quick Bio AI Settings

3. Fine-tune the level of creativity. A higher setting produces more creative and surprising bios, while a lower setting sticks to more predictable and conventional styles.

4. Provide detailed information about yourself or your brand.

5. Choose from personal or brand types and select a tone (Professional, Casual, Sarcastic, Funny, Passionate, Thoughtful).

6. Decide whether to include emojis in your bio for added expression.

7. Click ‘Generate’ to receive your custom bio within seconds.

Quick Bio AI Result

8. If unsatisfied, tweak the input details or select a different LLM to regenerate a new bio.


Q: What is a bio?
A: A bio, short for biography, is a brief description of yourself or your brand typically found on social media profiles or websites. It serves as an introduction and provides users with a glimpse into your personality, expertise, or interests.

Q: Is Quick Bio free to use?
A: Yes, Quick Bio is a completely free and open-source AI tool.

Q: Do I need any coding experience to use Quick Bio?
A: No coding experience is necessary! You can use Quick Bio directly on the web platform or by following the simple deployment instructions for a local setup.

Q: What information should I provide for Quick Bio to generate my bio?
A: The more details you provide about yourself or your brand, the better. Examples include your profession, interests, skills, and brand values.

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