Turn Your Blog Posts Into Compelling Twitter Threads With BlogTweet

Repurpose your blog posts into engaging Twitter threads. Using ChatGPT to transform long-form content into tweet-sized insights.

BlogTweet is an AI-powered web app that generates a Twitter thread from any blog post URL.

This tool utilizes ChatGPT to analyze the content of your blog post and intelligently split it into multiple tweets while preserving coherence and maintaining a consistent theme or story flow for the best user experience. The resulting Twitter thread helps tease and share key highlights from your post to build interest, increase clicks and boost readership.

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How to use it:

1. Visit BlogTweet App.

2. Enter your blog post’s URL, select the number of tweets you’d like to generate, and click the ‘Generate’ button. The AI tool then condense your blog post into an engaging Twitter thread, which you can easily copy and post to your Twitter account.

Posts Into Twitter Thread Result

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