Optimize Your Job Descriptions With Ratemyjd’s AI Analysis

Craft winning job descriptions with FREE AI analysis from ratemyjd. Attract top talent & land the perfect candidate!

Ratemyjd is a free AI tool that helps you analyze and improve your job descriptions. It serves as an AI advisor that reviews your job listing and provides suggestions on how to make it more appealing to potential candidates.

Ratemyjd’s AI assesses various aspects of a job description, such as inclusivity, clarity of qualifications, and the portrayal of company culture and benefits. This can ensure that your job description accurately reflects the role, highlights the company’s values, and resonates with a diverse pool of candidates.

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How to use it:

1. Visit the Ratemyjd web application and enter your work email. You will receive a copy of the results directly in your inbox.

Ratemyjd AI Enter Email

2. Click “Rate It” button, and You’ll receive an instant analysis of your job description, including:

  • Overall Rating: A clear grade (A, B+, etc.) that shows how your job description performs.
  • Areas for Improvement: Specific suggestions on what to add or modify to enhance your posting.
  • Detailed Insights: A breakdown of strengths and weaknesses within different segments of your job description (Job Basics, Qualifications, Culture & Benefits, Language & Inclusivity).
Ratemyjd AI Result

3. For more specific feedback, hover over any rated item. You’ll see reasons for the ratings and AI-generated tips to enhance that section of your job description. For instance, hovering over “Location & Hours” might reveal whether the job description mentions the work location but not the type of work schedule or potential travel requirements.

Ratemyjd AI Grade Reasoning

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