Unlock 10 Actionable Marketing Ideas With AI Marketing Problem Solver

Unlock practical marketing solutions with the Marketing Problem Solver AI tool. Input your challenge and receive 10 tailored ideas. 100% FREE.

Marketing Problem Solver is a 100% free, AI-powered marketing tool designed to provide tailored marketing strategies for your business.

It uses advanced AI to analyze your specific marketing challenges and suggest 10 actionable solutions to address the issue effectively.

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This tool is especially useful for those looking to boost online presence, enhance customer engagement, and increase sales with cost-effective, creative solutions.

How to use it:

1. Visit the Marketing Problem Solver website.

2. Enter details about your business (e.g., To-do app for freelancers) and your specific marketing problem (e.g., My landing page doesn’t convert).

AI Marketing Problem Solver Enter Details

3. Tap the ‘Solve my problem for FREE’ button and give the AI about 10 seconds to analyze your request.

4. Review the ten actionable ideas generated by the AI to tackle your marketing issue. For example:

  1. Run a targeted social media ad campaign on Facebook and Instagram to drive traffic to your landing page
    Create eye-catching ad visuals and compelling ad copy to target freelancers specifically, highlighting the app’s unique selling points
  2. Create a highly engaging video tutorial showcasing how your app solves freelancers’ daily challenges and share it on YouTube and other video platforms
    Ensure the video is informative, visually appealing, and optimized for SEO to attract organic traffic from search engines
  3. Partner with niche freelance blogs and websites to write guest posts about the benefits of using your to-do app for freelancers
    Offer to write valuable content for their audience while subtly mentioning your app and including a call-to-action to visit your landing page
  4. Launch a referral program where existing users can refer new users to your app and receive a discount or exclusive feature
    Make it easy for users to share their unique referral link and track the success of the program to reward loyal customers effectively
  5. Host a live webinar teaching freelancers productivity tips and demonstrating how your app can help them stay organized
    Engage with attendees during the webinar, address their questions, and provide exclusive offers for those who sign up after the event
  6. Collaborate with popular freelance influencers on platforms like TikTok or LinkedIn to promote your app to their followers
    Choose influencers known for their authenticity and relevance to freelancers; propose a partnership that aligns with their content and audience
  7. Utilize email marketing to send personalized recommendations and success stories to subscribers who have shown interest in your app but haven’t converted yet
    Segment your email list based on user behavior and interests to deliver personalized content that resonates with them
  8. Offer a limited-time free trial or a discount for new users who sign up through your landing page
    Create a sense of urgency with the limited-time offer to encourage immediate action from potential users who are on the fence
  9. Run a giveaway contest on social media where participants have to sign up on your landing page to enter and win prizes related to freelancing
    Promote the contest across platforms, collaborate with partners to increase visibility, and ensure the prizes resonate with freelancers’ needs
  10. Optimize your landing page with persuasive copy, clear call-to-action buttons, and user testimonials to increase trust and conversions
    A/B test different elements of your landing page to understand what drives conversions and continuously optimize for better results

5. Use the ‘Share Link’ button to copy the solutions page URL to your clipboard. This lets you easily share your solutions with friends or save them for future reference.

AI Marketing Problem Solver Share Link

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