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Get 15 creative campaign ideas for your NGO or biz in minutes with this free AI tool. Just input your details and AI does the rest.

CREATIVE FAST AID is a free Ai-powered campaign idea generator designed to help marketers, advertisers, and creatives overcome idea block.

Simply input your details, this free AI tool will generate 15 unique ideas for NGOs and brands using an advanced AI model trained on award-winning campaigns and send you a PDF presentation packed with creative concepts to inspire your next project. This saves hours of traditional brainstorming and research.

How to use it:

1. Visit the CREATIVE FAST AID website to get started.

2. Choose whether you’re creating for an NGO or a Brand.

3. Enter details about your NGO or business to tailor the ideas to your needs.

Campaign Idea Generator CreativeFastAid Fill Information

4. Fill in your email address and then a nice PDF presentation with your custom campaign ideas will be sent to your inbox.

Campaign Idea Generator CreativeFastAid Result

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