Manage, Verify and Run AI Models Locally With

A simple solution to import, verify, run inference, and take notes on AI models for anyone interested in working with AI models on their local computer. is an open-source desktop app that enables you to utilize the power of AI without relying on cloud services or incurring usage costs. Available for Windows, Mac (M1/M2/Intel), and Linux.

It provides a simple interface for managing, verifying, and running inference with machine learning models through an efficient Rust backend and compact app size under 10MB.


  • Model Management: Import models into one centralized app and sort by usage, date added, name, etc.
  • Digest Verification: Ensure model integrity with robust BLAKE3 and SHA256 hash checking against known-good values.
  • Usage Tracking: View compute usage, license info and model details all in one place.
  • Inference Server: Easily start a local server to run streaming inference from your models.
  • Quick Inference UI: Send inference requests to your server and get results back instantly.
  • Note-taking: Attach notes, documentation and usage examples to your models.

See It In Action:

Use Cases:

  • AI Researchers: Use to experiment with AI models and manage them in a centralized location.
  • Developers: Benefit from a local inference server that is easy to set up, enabling seamless integration of AI into web applications.
  • Data Scientists: Ensure the integrity of downloaded models with robust BLAKE3 and SHA256 digest compute features.
  • AI Enthusiasts: Start a local streaming server for AI inferencing quickly and efficiently, with just two clicks.
  • Students: Learn how AI models work by loading and running them on your own machine.

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