Free AI Logo Generator With Commercial Rights – LogoliveryAI

Instantly create unique logos with Logolivery's AI. Quickly generate original designs you can use commercially with no attribution required.

LogoliveryAI is a free AI-powered logo generator that instantly creates unique logos in SVG format. Users can simply describe the logo they want, and LogoliveryAI will generate options within minutes. The logos are completely free to use commercially with no attribution required.

It is ideal for entrepreneurs, startups, bloggers, designers, and anyone else who needs a custom logo on a budget. It utilizes advanced AI to generate completely original logo designs based on your text prompt. This saves you time and money compared to hiring a designer.

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How to use it:

1. Join the Discord server using this invite link.

2. Navigate to one of the channels: ai-room-1, ai-room-2, or ai-room-3.

3. Begin with /generate and describe your ideal logo. For finer results, opt for Parameters V2.

Logolivery AI Prompt

4. Wait a moment! Your AI-generated logos in SVG format will be ready in about 60 seconds. Grab your logo download links fast, they’re only around for 15 minutes.

5. Review the options and hit the button (V1/V2/V3/V4) to export your SVG file.

Logolivery AI Download

6. Dive into the official documentation if you’re keen on exploring deeper functionalities and prompts.

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