Interact With YouTube Videos Using The QnAYoutube AI

Chat with YouTube videos using QnAYoutube AI. Ask questions, get summaries, and clarify concepts from any videos.

QnAYoutube is a free tool that allows users to extract transcripts from YouTube videos and chat with the video content.

The tool can be helpful for learning and research. Users can extract transcripts from educational or informational videos and then ask the tool questions to test comprehension or get clarification on concepts.

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It’s also useful for quick video summarization – just ask the tool to summarize the key points of a video.

How to use it:

1. Head over to the QnAYoutube website

2. Enter the URL of the YouTube video and hit the ‘Fetch Transcript’ button.

QnAYoutube AI Transcript

3. Once the transcript is extracted, you can type questions into the chatbot text box. Ask about topics covered in the video, ask for a summary, or ask for clarification on any concepts.

QnAYoutube AI Chatbot


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